Inject application context dependencies in Quartz job beans

The SpringBeanJobFactory allows you to inject properties from the scheduler context, job data map and trigger data entries into the job bean. But there is no way out of the box to inject beans from the application context.

So I came up with the factory bean below that extends the SpringBeanJobFactory to add auto-wiring support:

Adding Google Analytics to a Maven generated site

You can add Google Analytics to a site generated with the Maven Site Plugin as by adding a <googleAnalyticsAccountId/> element containing your Web Property ID.

Release Announcement: Selenium JUnit 4 Runner 1.0

I recently released Selenium JUnit 4 Runner. It is an extension for JUnit 4 providing a test runner to execute Selenium test cases. Both the Selenium 1.0 (Server) and 2.0 (Web Driver) APIs are supported.

Here is a very simple example:

    public GoogleHomePageTest {

    private WebDriver webDriver;

    public void testGoogleSearch() {
        assertEquals("Google", webDriver.getTitle());

The Selenium JUnit 4 Class Runner launches the Selenium web driver or connects to the Selenium server before executing any methods annotated with @BeforeClass. It then autowires any members of the test class or method rules that have been annotated with @SeleniumBrowser or @SeleniumWebDriver.

Maven Coordinates

Selenium JUnit 4 Runner is available from Maven Central at the following coordinates: