Setting active profiles when launching Spring Boot application via gradle

I wanted to use a profile specific file for my Spring Boot application. But Gradle was not picking it up when I ran my launched with the following command:

gradle bootRun

The solution turned out be be simply adding the snippet below to my build.gradle file. This snippet is telling Gradle to pull in the system properties.

bootRun {
    systemProperties =

LDAP Maven Plugin 1.3.0 Released

The LDAP Maven Plugin was relying on the jcabi-aether library to resolve dependencies. When I first wrote the LDAP Maven Plugin I couldn’t find much information on how to resolve dependencies and jcabi-aether proved to be invaluable. Aether is dependency resolution framework used under the hood by Maven 3 and higher.

Aether was originally managed by Sonatype but it was moved to stewardship of the Eclipse foundation. Since Maven 3.1 the Eclipse version has been used.

Since I wanted to the maintain support for Maven 3.0.5 I decided to revert to the Maven 2 dependency resolution API.

In addition, I downgraded the version of ApacheDS used by the plugin to 1.5.5. I was having trouble  resolving one of the transitive dependencies for 2.0.0-M15 during integration testing and I didn’t have any luck using the latest version (2.0.0-M17) or later. So I decided to downgrade for now and revisit the issue when ApacheDS 2.0.0 is released and documentation on embedding it becomes available.